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How To Select A Profesional Cleaning Company

The Low Price YOU See Advertised Out There, May Not Be the Actual Price You Pay. Sadly, there are bad apples in the carpet cleaning industry.  They are known as the “Bait and Switchers”.  Everyday, they perform their bait & switch tactics on good people just like you.  Don’t allow them to victimize YOU.  The […]

What Are the Steps to Getting Maximum Soil and Spot Removal from Your Carpet and Upholstery?

Do you sometimes get the feeling that the carpet or upholstery cleaner is “leaving something out”?   Have you ever had a carpet cleaner race through your cleaning job,  leaving you to wonder how he could have possibly gotten everything out?   It “looks” clean, but what will re-surface in the near future?   There […]

Do Your Upholstered Fabrics Need to Be Protected?

An often overlooked feature of upholstery cleaning is Fabric Protection. Fabric Protection may be just as important as the cleaning itself. When carpet is cleaned, many consumers see the value in protecting the carpet, but don’t seem to think it’s “necessary” when it comes to protecting upholstery fabric after it is cleaned. There is a […]

What’s the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

Should you go “dry” or “steam” Is one method better than the other? Are these even the right terms? Well, as usual, these terms only hint at part of the issue at hand. Both “dry” and “steam” are incomplete and inaccurate terms. Neither are technical terms that properly describe carpet cleaning methods. This article will […]

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