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What You Should Do Before The Carpet Cleaners Arrive?

Having your carpets cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning company is a great way to remove dirt and allergens that vacuuming alone cannot remove.  Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is a worthwhile investment that will make your home a more comfortable place to live while extending the life of your carpet.  Make the most of this investment by doing a few things before the carpet cleaners arrive.Picture9

The first thing you should do is to vacuum your carpets as thoroughly as you can.  Doing this helps the carpet cleaners do a better job because they only have to remove the dirt that your vacuum cleaner leaves behind, resulting in cleaner carpets.  Some carpet cleaning companies will vacuum your carpets for an extra charge.  Doing this yourself you save you some money.

The next thing you should do before they arrive is to make a list of stains that are in your carpet.  This will ensure that the carpet cleaners pretreat all of these stains before cleaning the carpets.  Stains that are pretreated are much more likely to be removed when the carpets are cleaned than stains that are not pretreated.GirlOnCarpet-300x200

The last thing you should do is to schedule the carpet cleaners for a time when you can be there.  Some people will just leave the door open for them because they do not want to be there or get in their way.  It is important for you to be there so you can answer any questions the carpet cleaners may have.

Make the most of your investment by following these suggestions the next time you get your carpets cleaned.  Remember to vacuum thoroughly before they arrive, make a list of stains that need to be pretreated, and be at home when they arrive. Doing so will result in cleaner carpets.

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