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Best Rug Cleaning in Germantown TN

Professional Area Rug Cleaning by Quality Carpet Cleaning, Memphis, TNIf you are looking for the best rug cleaning company in Germantown TN you came to the perfect place. We are experienced in all area rug fabrics and can clean any fabric such as wool, silk, cotton or nylon. We will pick up your fine rug and bring it back to our shop, where we can throughly clean your rug. We pay special attention to details with your rug. We will treat your rugs for odor from pets (even urine) We also can clean your fringe and bring back that new look. Your oriental, wool and fine area rugs will sparkle and look new again. When we bring your rug back to your home or office, we will place it back to it’s original location. You’ll love your rug again. It will be sparkling clean, fresh smelling and cleaned to perfection!

Here is how we will clean your rug.

First we will pretest your rug to ensure it does not have any unknown conditions and if it does we will make sure to bring this to your attention. Next, your rug is pre vacuumed to remove dry soil. Then it is laid face down and dusted with a special rug dusting machine. After all that, your rug is pre sprayed with a special low ph cleaning agent that is speciality designed for fine fabrics such as wool, silk and cotton fabrics. We gently agitate with soft brushes to loosen the soil and if you have odors from pets etc we will emmerge the rug in our optional rug washing pit. This optional rug bath will remove odors. The fringe is hand washed and turbo fans put in place to help speed dry your rug to ensure it dries super fast. Lastly your rug put into a climate controled room to dry.

Light rug cleaning in your home vs rug cleaning at our shop. When we clean your rug at our shop we can spend more time cleaning as needed. Rug cleaning in your home is limited to the time we are there and plus your rug can’t be cleaned on hard surfaces such as wood floors.

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