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How To Choose The Best Memphis Carpet Cleaning Company

How To Choose The Best Memphis Carpet Cleaning Company

Choosing a Memphis carpet cleaning company isn.t easy. With so many carpet cleaning in Memphis based companies, how do you choose the right company? Start by reading this aricle, and you’ll be armed with the knowledge to choose the best Memphis carpet cleaning company. That way you can make a intelliagent and informed decision.

Ask These Five Questions.

(1) Do you guarantee your work?
Most carpet cleaning Memphis companies offer some type of generic guarantee like satisfaction guarantee and some don’t offer a guarantee at all. Make sure you ask what exactly what their guarantee is. That is if they do guarantee their work. Will they come back if you aren’t happy with the cleaning? Will they fix a problem? Quality Carpet Cleaning Memphis guarantees that if you aren’t happy with their cleaning, they will come back and re-clean any areas free of charge.

(2) Do You Have a 100% Money Back Guarantee?
Ask if they offer a money back guarantee. To be honest it’s un heard of, that a cleaning company offers a 100% money back guarantee. It’s not normal for any service company to have a money back guarantee for that matter. Quality Carpet Cleaning Memphis offers a 100% money back guarantee, we don’t want you to feel like you paid for something you didn’t get. We don’t want your money. We want you to be happy. Period.

(3) Do they offer a full 30 day no returning spots guarantee?
The truth is… returning spots come from over-wetting and leaving a sticky residue behind. As the carpet dries, the spot or stain wicks back to the surface. We use special turbo fans and dryers to speed dry your carpet after cleaning. This way spots aren’t as likely to re-appear. Ask about a returning spot guarantee. If they don’t focus on getting the carpet to dry fast, odds are, they won’t guarantee that spots won’t re-appear.

(4) Which method of cleaning do they offer?
The method of cleaning is very important. We believe the best method is hot water extraction or also known as steam cleaning. This is a true deep cleaning. It flushes and rinses out the soil from your carpet. It’s also recommened by all the carpet manufacturers as well as the iicrc which is the world’s most reconized body of certification for the cleaning industry.

(5) Ask For References!
Make sure you ask for references. Ask to speak to some of their past clients. If they cannot provide you with references, odds are they are either new in business or poor workmanship. Quality Carpet Cleaning Memphis is more than happy to provide you with as many references as you need Just call us (901) 212-9619

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