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 Free In Home Carpet Audit


Much more than a price quote. Here’s what you get:
1. First. I’ll cover all the problems your carpet has. I’ll check for “unwanted”image001stains and tell you whether or not they can be removed and how. This includes pet stains and other difficult stains.
2. I’ll calculate the wear age of your carpet. Your carpet may be 10 years old but only have a wear age of 2 years. However your carpet may be 2 years old but have a wear age of 10 years. I’ll explain how long it will be before you will need to get new carpet and I’ll give you a ‘prescription’ to make your carpet last as long as possible.
3. I’ll determine if your carpet is in good health. Oh, you’ve never thought of your carpet as having good or bad health. Well, just like people, if a carpet is in bad health it will not live long. Healthy carpets are great for healthy wallets
and for healthy people.Yes, your carpet’s health can affect your and your family’s health. Just like you
track in dirt from the outside, you also track in car exhaust, cigarette smoke, asphalt, chemicals, dust, germs, pollens, tar, soot and many others. These pollutants get lodged into your carpet just like dirt.


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