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Area Rug Cleaning Atoka TN

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Welcome to our rug cleaning site. If you are looking for a rug cleaning company you can trust, you came to the right place.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning by Quality Carpet Cleaning, Memphis, TNYou Can Now Have Us Pick Up Your Fine Wool, Silk,  Cotton, Nylon, or Olefin Rugs For Full Service Area Rug Cleaning.

You’ll Love Our Full Service Rug Cleaning

Full Service Area Rug Cleaning (in our shop only)

  1. We test your rug to assure that it can be cleaned.
  2. We lay the rug face down to gently beat the sols with a rug duster vacuum to thoroughly remove dry soils before cleaning.
  3. Gently agitate the rug with soft brushes or a shampoo machine to  loosen soiling.
  4. Your rug is emmerged and washed in a neutral PH cleaning bath to help remove soiling, pet urine and odors from your rug.
  5. Fringe is hand brushed and washed.
  6. Your rug is dried with turbo fans in our dehumidified room, to ensure your rug dries fast.

*Full service rug cleaning is recommended for heavily soiled rugs. With this process, we can spend more time soaking your rug, if necessary. We can even perform and second and third cleaning if necessary. Exvessively soiled rugs and/or rugs with severe odor problems particularly benefit from this service.

Light Area Rug Cleaning in Your Home.

  1. We pre-test your rug to assure that it can be cleaned.
  2. We apply a cleaning agent to the rug that is a neutral PH cleaning agent that especially designed from wool rugs.
  3. We rinse the rug with a low moisture, warm water solution, making sure that the rug is left fairly dry when we are finished.
  4. Your rug is dried with turbo fans , to ensure your rug dries fast.

*Light rug cleaning in your home is for lightly soiled rugs and won’t remove odors or severe soiling. Fringe is not cleaned with the light rug cleaning.

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