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Memphis Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Spot Removal Tips

Easy Spot Removal Tips

We decided to give Memphis area residents a place to go to, so you can get easy spot removal tips. With so many misconceptions about carpet cleaning, spot removal and cleaning, we decided to launch our spot removal guide here, so you’ll have free information about spot removal incase you need it. So.. this is our first DIY spot removal post. today we are talking about “How to remove candle wax from your carpet.”
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How To Remove Candle Wax From Carpet

Most people think, once candle wax is spilled on the carpet, it’s permanent. Truth is… Wax is really easy to remove, once it has dried and harden. I would suggest if you do spill candle wax, don’t worry about acting immediately. Let it harden before you attempt to remove it.

Things You’ll Need

(1) White Towels

(2) Steam Iron

(3) Spoon

It’s really easy to remove the wax, once it has harden. Just use a spoon to remove as much of the excess as possible without damaging the carpet. Next Apply a white towel over the carpet. Run the steam iron over the towel. Make sure to check it every couple of seconds so you don’t cause damage to the carpet. The wax should melt and towel should absorb the wax. If the stain persist, repeat until you feel the wax is gone. That’s it. Oh yeah, Sometimes the wax can cause a little staining to the carpet as well, so you’ll need to use your spot remover to remove to spot. Just apply the cleaning solution to the twel and blot. That’s it.

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