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How To Remove Spills From Your Carpet

Here is a easy spot and spill removal tip to help you remove any spot or spill. We often the question, atleast once a week from our clients, so i decided to write a post on this very subject.”How to remove a spill from your carpet or what do i do if something is spilled on the carpet.”

If there is one thing i would recommened for every homeowner to purchase: that would be a shop/vac. AStep 4: Post-Treatment of Spots & Stains that do not respond to Our Thorough Cleaning shopvac i a neat little machine to use for any spill on your carpet, rugs or furniture.

You might be asking, how will a shop vac help with spot and spill removal? Well, when used with a good spot remover this little machine is invaluable.

For example, you’ve spilled some juice on the carpet. Now the spot isn’t a stain yet. It’s still a puddle of juice on your nice clean carpet. The shop vac or wet and dry vac will extract most of the juice from the carpet. Most people go right to use some type of rag or cloth and start to rub the liquid into the carpet. This method pushes the liquid into the carpet fiber. Leaving you with NOW a stain. Instead use your wet/dry vac to extract the juice from the carpet, this way you are REMOVING the juice from the carpet.

Now, once you have removed as much of the juice as possible, you want to treat the area with a neutral Ph spot remover. Make the spot remover is water based. Never use anything that contains lots of soap. This will leave to much residue behind and cause rapid reoiling and attract dirt like crazy.

After you have treated the area with a spot remover, you’ll want to rinse the area with just plain water, that way there is nothing left in the carpet that can cause resoiling. Simply apply fresh water to the spot and extract with wet/dry vac, repeat if nessassry.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these easy sspot removal tips. Check back often as we are always updating our blog. If a stain exsist call a professional carpet cleaner.

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