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Tile And Grout Cleaning Memphis

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Your floors are one of the most important value-adding features of your home. Unfortunately, if you have tile floors you know how hard it can be to truly keep your tiles and grout clean. Over time, dirt collects into microscopic crevices in the grout and tiles, and simply scrubbing at the grout will not get it out. Fortunately, a professional tile and grout cleaning service can help.

Professional cleaning companies are able to use much stronger chemical and hotter steam cleaners than what you can typically buy commercially and use for yourself. They also have much better equipment that can actually loosen the dirt from your tiles and grout. Because of this, they are able to clean and sanitize your tiles better than you can on your own.

After a professional tile and grout cleaning, many homeowners state that their floors look like new. When compared to the cost to replace tiles or regrout an entire floor, professional cleaning is a bargain. Clean floors can drastically improve the selling price of a home. More importantly, your family is no longer walking around on floors that have years of caked in dirt, grime, and germs living on them. Professional cleaning can also remove a lot of the allergens that grout tend to attract.


How do we clean your tile?


Step 1 – Visual inspection. We will join you in the inspection to be sure that there are no damaged grout areas. We also test to see if you have sealant on your grout.

Step 2 – Pre-spray the tile and grout with a special solutions made to break down grease and oils.

Step 3 – Agitate the prespray in the grout with a grout brush.

Step 4 – Rinse the pre-spray with high pressured, hot water through our HIGH POWERED  machine.

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